Park Your Car in a Sturdy Garage built by Clinton Custom Sheds

Trust our garage builders for an efficient installation in Fulton, IL or Davenport, IA

Clinton Custom Sheds offers basic garage packages that can fit on any home in Fulton, Davenport, Bettendorf, Moline or East Moline. One of our most requested packages comes with a 36-inch entry door, two windows and a one foot overhang on the sidewalls. When you contact us, we’ll discuss your needs and determine which package would be best for your home.

Contact us today to schedule your garage building project in Fulton, IL; Davenport, IA; Bettendorf, IA; Moline, IL; or East Moline, IL.

Important things to consider when getting a new garage

Before you hire Clinton Custom Sheds to build your garage, you should bear in mind:

  • Property boundaries (yours and your neighbor’s)
  • Overhead power lines, cables or wires
  • Storage use (if it will house a car, boat, lawnmower, etc.)
  • Door location, style and number
  • Window location
  • Sidewall height (it must be at least one foot taller than the door itself)
  • Siding type (wood or vinyl)

Certain features, like the door style, can be discussed when you bid on your project. Call 563-503-9726 once you’ve considered these factors. We’ll schedule your installation date ASAP.

Clinton Custom Sheds takes care of everything to construct your new garage, from the concrete, to the shingles and everything in between. If you are considering building a new garage, let us meet with you and give you a quote, along with some ideas we may have from years of experience in the construction trade.

Basic garage packages will have either an 8' or 9' sidewalls, depending on what is listed. They will have one 36" entry door, 2 windows, 1' overhang on the sidewalls, garage doors will depend on the size of garage and if it is a set of single doors or one single double door.

Basic Garage Pricing

20X32X8 - $13,000
24X24X8 - $12,000
24X28X8 - $13,500
24X32X8 - $15,000
28X28X9 - $17,500
36X40X9 - $29,000
40X30X9 - $24,000